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Natural soy wax scented rounds 130g/4.6 oz – cinnamon+orange

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100 % eco soy wax, wild flowers, essential oils, parfum. Handmade.

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Product code: 4752181000572
Kategorijas: Natural soy wax scented rounds


  • The  rounds are completely handmade by masters using only 100% natural all-soy wax and wild herbs from the countryside;
  • They are a unique alternative to incense and diffusers.
  • Simply place these handcrafted soy wax rounds in a dish or in a drawer or warm them with a potpourri burner to gently fill the space with layers of lovely aroma.
  • Scented soy wax rounds with natural dried herbs and enriched with premium aroma oil provide are wonderful fragrance for wardrobes, rooms, bags, cars. They are also very effective if placed on the desktop in the office.

Natural soy wax scented rounds, ap. 130g/4.6 oz:

  • diameter of 1 round: 60mm(2.36in)
  • height of 1 round: 10-12 mm(0.39-0.47in)

Rounds packed in a carton gift box 115x65x45 mm (4.53×2.56×1.77in)

Each carton gift box contains 4 soy wax rounds.