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Candles have come a long way since their initial use. Although no longer man`s major source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use. Today, candles symbolize celebration, mark romance, soothe the senses, define ceremony, and accent home decors — casting a warm and lovely glow for all to enjoy.
  •     We use soy wax which is a vegetable wax made from soybean oil. The oil is hydrogenated to make it solid and the result is wonderful non-toxic alternative to paraffin wax which is a by-product of the petroleum industry.
  •     Soy wax is non-toxic and burns much cleaner than paraffin wax which can emit carcinogens like toluene and benzene.
  •     Soy wax burns slower and at a lower temperature, creating a longer burning candle
  •     Soy wax is made from soybeans, a renewable agricultural resource
Advantages of soy wax candles:
  •     100% eco product
  •     Soy candles are inexpensive: Beeswax is a great natural alternative to paraffin, but it is very expensive to get the same results with beeswax as with a soy-based candle. Soy wax is a new alternative to paraffin wax that is cost-effective and is also made from a renewable source.
  •     Soy wax is preferred by environmentally conscious people because it is made from a renewable source and is not made from petroleum.
  •     Soy wax burns without toxins, carcinogens or soot
  •     Soy wax candles burn up to 50% longer than traditional candles
  •     Soy wax is Cruelty free, contains no animal products
  •     It is biodegradable and derived from renewable sources
  •     It cleans up easily with soap and hot water
  •     The soy wax we use is produced from non-genetically modified soya beans
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