Exclusive interior soy wax candle, 250 ml/8.45 oz

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Exclusive interior soy wax candle,  250 ml/8.45 oz
  •     Handmade soy wax candle  made of 100% natural soya wax is an exclusive and unusual gift for your friends and relatives. One of the latest fashion tendencies is using different things and accessories made in retro style;
  •     Candles are in the metal container, which is a great advantage for safety. In contrast to other candles, they do not need a candle stick, which has to be cleaned after candle is burnt. And the most important – after you have used the candle, the metal container with a unique retro label can be used as a decoration for your interior or used for other personal purposes;
  •     The  candle features a natural wick made from organic wood to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire with exceptional fragrance. Wood ECO wick,when burning has no soot.

Exclusive soy wax candle 250:
container  diameter:  75 mm(2.95in)
container height:  75 mm(2.95in)
volume : 250 ml / 8.45 oz

Soy wax candle collection:

    Cinnamon + Orange
    Lemon + Ylang Ylang
    Green Tea + May Chang
    Without aroma
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